Moving right along, Bob has built the bannisters, railing,and attached them to the posts with simple brackets. The wood was treated, and as luck would have it, left over from another job

I’ve painted them, grey on the top board, white on the rest, the reason being I’ve painted the swing, the ceiling, and around the funky old windows to spruce them up with the grey. So at this point I’m tying everything together, color wise any white base will do the trick, but make sure it’s semi-gloss, or you won’t get the coverage. With the grey, I used the same white base, and added grey( Nantucket Mist) by Glidden.

I mentioned the funky old windows, shown here, we simply put a coat of grey around the metal framework, if we owned this house, I would have replaced the windows. But remember we did all this for under $200.

Pretty cool huh? This grey & white combo platter worked really well for this type of old farm house, anything more modern would have looked out of place.This weekend we’ll be finishing this project by painting the concrete floor a darker grey, and also the front door.

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