I always do this the night before.

This Depends on how many you are cooking for, I all ways make 10 pounds, because it rolls over into other dishes, and are just delish ! Latkes, Croquettes, Shepard’s Pie, etc.

One trick I use is to steam the potatoes, there is no comparison to the strange, mealy consistency of boiled.
Large Pot w a steamer in the bottom.
10 lbs Russett Potatoes, whole, not peeled
Steam until very well done, turn off and let sit to cool, and peel.
Put back in the pot w/ 1 stick unsalted Butter and 1 cup sour cream, over low heat and start to mash w/ your trusty potato masher, mash until there are no lumps.
Salt and Pepper to taste, put in fridge for next day.
The steaming increases the smoothness of these potatoes and people, just love um!!!
© Jennifer Green Alger 2009