This Swedish method is the easiest to do at home, freshness is key, it will keep well for at least a week and can be frozen, and defrosted for later use.
Known by many names, in many places, this is a poorman’s version of Lox, it’s really easy to make once you get the hang of it, the sugar to salt ratio is key, and cannot be “winged”, like baking, this is a formula, scientific in nature and will ruin a piece of perfectly good fish, if not payed close attention to!!!! SO PAY ATTENTION!!! It’s so simple….except it can be easily over done and all you have is very salty Salmon Jerky, however, when done right, you can take a 5lb piece of Salmon and turn it in to a 5lb piece of LOX which goes for about $25.00 a lb. Nice mark up, and even my Schixsala  step kids love this stuff on a bagel w/ a little schmear of cream cheese, slice of tomato and red onion, they can’t get enough!!!!
Leave the skin on one 5 lb piece of prevoiusly frozen piece of Salmon Fillet. (the freezing kills bacteria)*
Cut into two pieces of equal size,(that will lay flat on top of each other)
Mix together:
2 1/2 cups Dominos sugar
1 1/2 cups Morton’s kosher salt
1 TBLS. McCormick’s Black Pepper (Fresh Cracked)
On a large piece of Saran Wrap, enough to be able to wrap the entire fish well.
Rub the fillets all over w/ this mixture. Lay on the flesh side of one fillet, 2 cups torn fresh dill, (tearing avoids any metallic flavor from a knife).
Lay the other fillet on top (flesh side down) on top of the dill covered fillet. Sprinkle the rest of the sugar mixture. Wrap the fish, and place in a Ziploc Gallon sized bag, and place on a platter, topping with another platter, and top the whole thing with weights (I have found ankle and wrist weights work best),3 or 4 lbs will do, evenly distributed. Refrigerate 2 to 4 days. Twice a day open the package and baste with the juices it has released, flip over and rewrap, and weight. Fish is done when the flesh is firm (not hard) and Opaque. Rinse fish well in cold running water, pat dry, lightly rub with olive oil, place in a fresh Ziploc Bag and let rest in Fridge for 8 to 24 hrs. Slice thinly with a very good quality fillet knife, such as Cutco Brand. If you’d like to serve as a fancy Hors D’ Oeuvres, make a Grey Poupon Mustard Sauce, and serve with Toast Points.

*If using fresh Salmon, “Fresh Freeze” for a few days,thaw and proceed. No bacteria can survive freezing, it’s just a precaution, but better safe than sorry.

© Jennifer Green Alger