Sticking to my plans had never been one of my strong suits before I got sober. But since then, and especially since I started this blog, follow-through has become a powerful part of me. Even when I don’t feel like it, I only have to consider my loyal followers and suddenly I’m inspired!!!
Moving to back to L.A. was a trip and a half, and launching has been very time consuming (particularly with the addition of my newest and favorite project, So Very L.A.). With all of this, I have found every so often that I have neglected my beloved blog. Now, the other day my sister and I just stopped everything and decided it was so beautiful out that we simply must stop and smell the roses. We pulled on our swim suits, grabbed some magazines, sunscreen and the new pool floats she had ordered, and we just went for a little impromptu pool therapy. We added towels, chaise lounges and a whole lot of sun, and voilà, the perfect recipe for relaxation! We couldn’t have planned it any better, or if we’d tried it could never have been as delightful and delicious!!! Just floating — no words, no music, just peace and tranquility, a mini “stay-cation” if you will . . . and as I lay there on my float, a salad started assembling in my head!
At first I tried to fight it off and told myself it would go away, but as usual, like with all the recipes that come to me out of the blue, I knew this one simply would not be denied. It was based on a salad I often have at the Urth Café; I changed a few things and there it was, virtually staring me in the face!!! I pulled my chaise to the side of the pool and went to the kitchen almost in a trance-like state, and here’s what happened next. Enjoy, I know we did!!!
Spicy Greens Salad With Lots of Great Stuff:
1 package Spicy Baby Greens from Whole Foods
1 bunch watercress, washed off and dried in a salad spinner
1 can hearts of palm
1/2 can garbanzo beans, rinsed well
1/2 package of light feta cheese
10-15 cherry, pear, or grape tomatoes
10-15 olives of choice
rotisserie chicken (I use about 4 oz. of meat per portion)
Build the salad as you like it!
Balsamic Dijon Fat Free Dressing:
Any type of store-bought fat-free Italian dressing will do. I used Kraft Balsamic Vinegar Dijon mustard
1-2 cloves of garlic
Fresh ground black pepper
Adjust all of this depending on how many you are feeding and according to your own likes and dislikes. Experiment until you find the right mix for you! I do about a tbs. of dressing per portion, but I like my dressing on the light side, so proceed accordingly.

And as always, Enjoy!!!

© Jennifer Green Alger 2010